Teaching Practicum Experience

St. Andrews University, NC

2D Design assistant ( Spring 2019 )

(1) Engaging in step-by-step Website Building.
(2) Teaching two lessons out of syllabus. 

(3) Assisting students in-class and after class.

Sound Pattern

"Construct a complex, continuous, overall pattern using forms derived from sound."

(From : problem 25)

"Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen was used as the introduction of this exercise. For the take-home assignment, students had an opportunity to choose music individually.

Students were strongly encouraged to have their thoughts/feelings/ideas and to connect that to the music and images they create. This seemed to allow students to expand the definition and perspective of art; few students had the issue of "am I doing right/wrong?" 

Letter Art

"Design a word that describes you best with images of letters found in the real world; those images must relate to the meaning of the word."

For instance, if “NATURE” was the word, then you may find the letters in nature, in trees, flowers, clouds, etc. This project challenged students’ critical thinking skills and creativity at the same time. 

Also, students were required to recreate the letter art by drawing as an extent of the value study.

Student Gallery 

These are the students’ works from the classes I taught. 
URLs to their websites are on each description. 


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